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There are details which cannot be spoken with words, cannot be put in laws, and feelings which cannot be filmed with a camera. We were taught to live in a rational way mainly, but we now know the mind is only a servant to the soul, it is not the soul itself. You are never alone as long as you expand your awareness beyond the mind, into the heart. The field of the heart is were your purpose is grounded, and you are never alone there.

Reach out

Reach out, and remember who you were before the mind made you think you are separated: a vibrational being, built from light, made to experience the joy and wonder of life. Choose to pull yourself out of the vortex of depression, into the peaceful shore of who you really are. Your power is such that you can always return here, because this is the place that you were born from.

You can do more than you think. You can feel better than you do when you’re on the negative spiral. You don’t have to be a victim of the “social anxiety in a social media society” paradox. Your mind and your heart are supposed to go together, because your heart always knows something your mind doesn’t.

Talk to a stranger

If you feel you can’t talk to your friends or your family, talk to a stranger. Whatever is bringing you down in this moment, you don’t have to do it alone. And whatever it is, it only becomes heavier and feels more real, the more it gets hold of you.

But it’s not real and it doesn’t have to be. What makes it seem real is you being the center of it, allowing it to take over you. It’s like gravity, except you feel like there is no ground beneath your feet, no Earth surface to stop you from falling. Without you at the center, it could not remain in place. So put your awareness into knowing it is in your power to shift your attention somewhere else Now. The way you feel now is not your fault. What you really feel is the disconnection between your mind and your heart, and that’s been caused by the old patterns which created the environment in which you life brought you. But it is not how the world really IS, it’s just the way it appears, and it’s just one movie, seen from one camera, and it doesn’t make it the only one.

7 Things That Remind Me Of Love


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1. Honey
Because being suspended in liquid honey is the closest I could so far describe the feeling of being absolutely in love with something or someone.

2. Flowers
Because every time I see a real flower (not the ones produced on a massive scale, with their DNA messed up, so they stay in perfect shape for longer, but with little to no smell at all left), I think to myself: as long as flowers still blossom, there can be no question on the existence of Love.

3. Pain
Because anytime I feel pain, physical or spiritual, I remember that it’s nothing more than evidence of the lack of love, or scarcity of it. Even the pain inflicted by others, because that’s nothing more than a request for attention from those who do it.

4. Tea
Because tea is a form of liquid love which you pour inside your body, with hours and hours of good “side effects”. Tea is the story of the planet, encapsulated in the pores of leaves, that starts to unfold once again under hot water, being brought back to life, for enough time to whisper to our souls about the magic of life. And it is the echo which reverberates inside our organs and veins, getting us back to our primary rhythm. Connecting our mind, heart and root energies in a stronger bond, while washing away the traces of dis-ease and the inevitable frustration built up over time, from the walls of inner landscapes.

I’m talking about the tea made from the plants grown on chemical-free soil, hand-picked and sun-dried, you know, the right kind, that keeps the sun and the wind in them, after the water has evaporated. Not those things with 7 labels on the package to convince us that they are natural, when in fact no memory of how they’re supposed to smell or taste remains in those tea bags. Evidence of desperate attempts of men in white robes debating on how to imitate nature, and multiply something which just looks like it, for the bigger profit.

5. Breathing
Because it’s the air that keeps us alive, and the air which eventually oxides and erodes the appearances of the body and the material into oblivion, so that the new could emerge.
All those little love makings triggered by each breath in and out feed little rivers of new life throughout my internal universe. And so I know I am being loved as long as I am the recipient of this exchange of new and old.

6. Water
Because I am water. We are more like water than like any other thing. We are more like water, air, and thought, than we like to admit at this point in time. Water is synonym to magic. It heals, clears, nurtures and transforms. It can transform in anything it needs: patience, impatience, nurture or destruction. It holds the knowledge of the Earth. Life could not begin unless we were fully immersed in the sacred communion liquid first. While humans barely communicate trough words and actions, the Earth communicates through the wind, the water, us, and everything else.

7. The Sun
Because most things follow the Sun, and I feel them all a part of me. Because me and the trees miss it badly in the winter. Because few things can escape the secret agreement it has with the other things that remind me of Love, and also with every cell of my being, such as it is perceived within the boundaries made by men.


A Planet’s Emotions


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The smell of freshly cut grass makes me grateful to be here now.

The color green of leaves and plants is the color of the Heart Chakra.

The trick is not to be tricked by how we are the same, and how we are unique.

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…inspired by the wisdom found on The Moon Woman‘s facebook page : )


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