New Patterns, New Ways


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As I was saying: new era, new ways, new understanding, new patterns.

Today I had the time to watch a video from Dr. Kim D’Eramo, about “Creating a New Medical System” and it contains so many of the notions we well start to see showing up to be transformed this year, that I thought I would share it in this post.

I’ve been a keen follower of her work and found clarity and moral support in these unprecedented times. She is one of the warriors of light, and anyone who wants to understand the concept of health at the deepest level, can find a lot of answers in her body of work.

I believe that we do need to follow the things we resonate with, so I hope this resonates with you as well.

You can watch the video here.

Some of the principles and ideas:

We are emerging into a new system of health care.

Health is:

  • vitality,
  • joy,
  • abundance,
  • expression,
  • living the truth of who you really are,
  • authenticity.

We lived in a space where we were identifying ourselves as primarily physical.

We now understand, better than ever before, that our body is primarily vibrational.

The truth is – and science confirms this more and more in recent studies, and what intuitive practitioners and ancient healers always knew – the body is constantly morphing and changing. Nothing about the body is really static. We move through different types of energy and the body processes these energies constantly.

The perspectives we hold dramatically alter our immune system, our digestive system, our nervous system, our hormonal system.

The new medical system will emerge from within us, not from the outside in.

And if this resonates with you, then you are a part of this transformation and are among those setting the foundation for this new system.

Affirmation to say whenever feeling in a way you don’t want to feel:

“I am the peace that allows this to dissolve.”

Use your body to answer the question: “Is this heavy or light?”.

Your body is a giant receptor, also a frequency emitter – continuously.

Everything based in manipulation, lack, fear, separation is crumbling and falling away.

The new system will be based on collaboration, exploration, openness, curiosity.

Question of the year (and for many years to come):

What is really true for me?

Other questions:

  • Are you operating in the “craze of I’m not enough”?
  • Can you meet yourself where you are? Can you allow that for yourself?
  • Is one of your deepest beliefs that life is supposed to be an uphill battle?
  • What else is possible?/Am I open to those possibilities?
  • Do you think love, joy and peace are (supposed to be) conditional?
  • How many things that society tells you to do, be and have are actually true for you?
  • Am I ready to live without this (…) idea?

All the things that seem to “happen” to you, are here to show you where you are still resonating with the lie/lies.

Fear blocks wisdom. Make sure your decisions about your health do not stem from it.

We all have access to our wisdom. We each have different ways in which we return to and maintain our health. It’s OK for each individual to search for these personal answers.

Speak the truth in a way that creates possibility for you.

Themes of this Now and stepping into 2021


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As many of you know, 2021 is going to be a pivotal year. We are literally at the dawn of a new era. We are the ones that will be responsible with how the next 200 years and more will look like for mankind. This is not a drill. The dress rehearsal is over. We are particles doing the quantum dance into the next level of consciousness and choosing which portals to go through. The acceleration of transformation has reached a peak value and unless we anchor ourselves in light, as often as we can, so that we can keep up with it, it will get harder, and let’s say – well, not fun.

To each of us 2020 brought different challenges and revelations, and we all had to find our way to more at least clarity, if not resolve. Some had to literally survive, others did not make it to the other side of illness or despair. We honor them and we surround with love what remains, as there is no other option that’s viable.We will learn how to love ourselves and others better than ever before, having been through it all and now standing at the precipice of a new world, one in which more and more of us will learn to integrate light.

There are many reasons for which some of us will give in to divisiveness, some political, some scientific, some will stem out of our own projections of what we have not yet understood about ourselves. There will still be situations which will seem to ask for negative displays of power, and we will face moments where despair and fear could get the best of us. But know that everything is so that we learn to choose ourselves more fully and we are meant to reach critical mass regarding certain areas of human existence, in order to reach solutions never before possible. No matter where you situate yourself on the spectrum of this cosmic Earthly event, you are an important part of the fabric of life itself, in this now. We will, one by one, discover our inherent sovereignty and sacred worth, and realize the infinite web of mirroring each other exists so that we dance in sync and in harmony with all that is, before we come back to our cosmic home.

2021 holds many possible scenarios and mysteries, new revelations, social and spiritual quantum leaps, answers and clarity, as we all sure deserve them. Remember: the truth doesn’t need marketing, does not pay for ads and campaigns, it may not be what you wish it to be, but the truth is its own reward. The truth simply is. You will recognize it, by the way it resonates with what you know deep in your soul. So it’s up to you to know where that is inside yourself and how far you are willing to go on that inner journey to get to your essence.

2021 holds personal truths for everyone, but there will be energies we will all feel, no matter how different or alike we are. It will sound like a cliche, but we are all in this together in spirit. I hope you will choose light, every chance you get.

These are some of the most important themes – on a global scale – I’ve identified so far, for the year ahead:

  1. Individual sovereignty – energetic and spiritual;
  2. Light integration – faster, bigger energetic downloads, that require us to maintain our frequency high constantly – there is no turning back from this I think;
  3. Releasing old structures that weigh us down – many structures are crumbling and some of them already started reorganizing, and will keep on doing so from now on; and it’s up to each of us to speak our minds about how this process needs to happen;
  4. Reform the established structures that support human living;
  5. Embracing the Unknown – learning letting go, surrendering, allowing;
  6. (More) reintegration of nature in our way of life – we will find more ways in which to apply what we’ve learned about nature in the past years in ways not possible before;
  7. A better understanding of what is means to be healthy – with all the reforms that are needed in the medical system, how we perceive treatment, how and why we outsource healing;
  8. A better understanding of our bodies and our true nature;
  9. A pivotal moment of choosing who and what we pledge our allegiance to;
  10. True collaboration between apparent opposites, as we are all part of one big fabric of life;
  11. True communication – especially from the “ground up”
  12. More and more people will learn about their basic fundamental human rights;
  13. More of us will understand that true power can only come from within and not as an external source;
  14. We will learn, even better than before, how to choose from love instead of fear.

There are many more things going on, on many levels, make sure you get your rest, because this year will require that we each bring our A-game. What would you add to this list?

Many blessings and may you be protected in 2021 and beyond!

Remember that choosing from fear looks different than choosing from love. Not only in the moment, but for generations to come.

Happy New Year!


The Switch


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Disconnected – Oil painting (detail)

I had this weird dream last night.

Two people, a man and a woman, in their mid thirties, were together. They knew each other for a life time. They would do everything together, except living together; they had separate homes. Both stayed in different motels, not far from each other. Everybody lived that way in this dream. Nobody seemed to care about it though. Society was built like that, and nobody complained. There was no pride or discontent over it. People simply cared about other things in this dimension.

I was both the man and the woman in this dream. In both their bodies and minds, at the same time. I was in every thing, and knew all that could be known in this reality. I was one with all that was, and every thing was me.

One night, they were getting ready to go out to eat, as they always did. But first, the woman had someplace to go to. The man came to the door and was waiting for the woman to get her coat. As she was saying goodbye to her mother and stepped through the door, she told him: “I first need to go somewhere”. I can’t remember where she needed to go… She looked at the man and saw in his eyes the same thing she was thinking, that tonight was the first night they could talk about something only the two of them knew, about the world and each other.

Somehow, this night was unlike other nights. It was the first time they both felt safe to have a conversation about the secret they both kept, but never talked about.

They didn’t always live here. Their lives started in another time and place. A switch occurred at some point in their past existence, without notice and in an irreversible manner. If there was a way to get back to their previous lives, they had no idea how it would be possible.

It happened one night at a big dance party, somewhere in town where they lived. They arrived early at the venue. Everything was set up, the music was playing. At first, it was was empty, but slowly, the places started filling with people. They mingled with everybody there, some were friends, some strangers, and when the party was almost over – they went outside. But outside was not the same anymore. They have stepped out into a new reality, and this other life began. They soon realized they didn’t know anybody there anymore. They went back to their homes, somehow they knew where to go. But their homes looked different, they had other neighbors, the yards looked different, the roads turned differently, the railing of bridges had other patterns. The things had the same functions, but the shapes, and colors, and textures, were all different from the day before. They both found themselves among different buildings, people, different objects, in a different world. Not better, not worse, just different. Nobody asked them where they came from, nobody tried to interfere. One moment they were here, and all the elements around them simply carried on. The people around assigned roles and identities to them instantly, as if they were part of that community already.

Since that night, none of them ever asked a single question. Every morning they would wake up and wondered if they are still in this new reality. But every morning, this dimension remained the same. Now, for the first time, they were wondering if maybe the former dimension was a dream. But they had each other as a reminder of it, and somehow could never really forget about it.

For some reason it was the first time they felt they needed to talk about what happened. Why they never tried to escape this dimension, or ask any of the people here any questions. I started waking up as this conversation was about to begin. But I think I know why they never tried to question or change anything. It was because they didn’t need to. They were happy that way.