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50 Mantras To Reconnect With Your Self e-book


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After almost two years of working on it and editing and watching a lot of how to videos, I finally published my first book. Well, it’s actually an e-book for now, and hopefully one day a hardcover version will see the light of day too. It’s not the first book I wanted to publish, as there are others I started working on before this one, but, as the divine order is beyond our human perspective, it was meant to be this way, so here we are. 🙂

I wanted to create an object infused with good, supporting vibes, something that speaks to the soul first, and then to the mind. I always thought that we understand more with our intuition than we do with our rational minds, although society is quick to punish us for that and start an evidence list on how that is impossible. And yet, our subconscious is more powerful than we are yet to comprehend and over half of the decisions we make are informed by far more data than the mind can process.

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This book is a result of my passion for photography and for the elements, but also a self care object, something to use as a go to compendium of powerful affirmations to help raise your vibration and bring peace in moments of need. I think we could all benefit from daily rituals of reconnecting to spirit, to the core part of our being. It could be a starting point for meditation or simply a way to focus on what matters, because everything starts with the most important relationship we have in this life – the relationship with ourselves.

This book is meant to help you remember the beauty of the wild and free, the wind, the trees, the mountains, the sounds of wood cracking in a fire, the ocean, the rivers, all that renews itself eternally, and also help you remember you are a part of that and that it’s a part of you.

A mantra is a simple affirmation that we would internalize and repeat as often as we like, which, in turn, would redirect our focus and arrange our internal energy field.

There are 5 chapters:


Let them be a portal to support a reconnection to the elements and speak again to your soul.

Self love is practicing self love.
What if we could easily return to ourselves and understand that we were never broken in the first place?
Meet with you again. Embrace yourself fully and call all of your ships home, your magical powers are within and they start again, with each now.

Be there, each time.

True Forgiveness


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It’s never about forgiving others. It’s only about forgiving yourself.

For not knowing better, for not being able to foresee where it was going, for not having the power to not engage with that which hurt you. For being smaller, unprepared and having less mental and physical power. For allowing yourself to be in the same space with what or who abused you, for trusting it and allowing it to rob you of your life energy. For poisoning you and your future, your perception and decisions along your path.

But, no, you don’t have to forgive them. You can’t, it’s not your job. It’s not your responsibility to repair what they themselves decided, consciously or subconsciously. It’s your job to forgive yourself. And it’s theirs to forgive themselves.

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You can try to forgive them, but it will never guarantee their changed behavior, that’s still a job for them to do and you don’t have any power over that. Thinking that if you forgive them, they will stop doing what they do, is an illusion which will cost you in the future and you will end up resenting them, and yourself – again – for it. Then, the act of forgiving them will get harder. And the next time, harder, and so on. It’s a vicious cycle from which you benefit for a second, in that brief time when you expect them to correct their behavior, until they do it again; and it benefits them, because they get to take you by surprise and steal that life energy to feed their inner wounds with.

Abusers and toxic people are wounded people. You can have compassion for them, you can try to show them the way, but you can never heal for them. As long as you act as a temporary holder of the wound, they will never heal.

Forgive yourself. Heal. Let others, including your abusers, do the same. You don’t own their journeys. But you can own yours.

Anchor Light


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We are focused points of energy. We can learn how to summon the type of energy we wish to let circulate through us.

The only reason we choose to let negative and destructive energy through our system is because we think it will shield us from harm.

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It’s a belief based in fear.

But it will only make it worse. The negative spiral becomes stronger, unless we throw our anchor into the light and start climbing back up.

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Vacay Mood | Fashion Inspiration | Boats | Beauty: In Color

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Soul Work On A Saturday Morning


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Found this (anonymous) quote on the internet today:
STOP hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you are.


I love myself for making it this far.

I love myself for being organized.

I love myself for being a woman.

I love myself for managing to do so well under these circumstances.

I love myself for taking care of my body and soul.

I love myself for staying in my truth.

I love myself for speaking my truth, no matter the situation.

I love myself for doing my best every day for as long as I can remember.

I love myself for going to bed early as often as possible and not skipping sleep anymore for the past 10 years.

I love myself for learning how to allow.

I love myself for being so dedicated to my passions.

I love myself for learning how to give love.

I love myself for deciding not to settle for less.

I love myself for creating all the art works and designs throughout my life, and making it a priority to follow my soul’s guidance, even when 95% of the people I’ve met thought I was crazy and that it’s a waste of time.

I love myself for saying no when I did.

I love myself for being committed to meditating every morning for life.

I love myself for having the patience to listen before judging.

I love myself for being such a good cook.

I love myself for making the effort of appreciating the good, even when the bad was right in my face.

I love myself for making a connection with God from within and doing my best at maintaining it.

I love myself for putting up mantras and affirmations and reminders on the walls of my home, so that I remember what matters most every day.

I love myself for being myself.

I love myself for getting up every time.

I love myself for dreaming so shard.

I love myself for the way I keep moving forward.

I love myself for all the wisdom I was and am gifted with.

I love myself for being a hypersensitive person, because otherwise I couldn’t see so deep into a situation.

I love myself for giving my all in my relationships.

I love myself for creating and upholding healthy boundaries.

I love myself for learning something about myself and the world every day.

I love myself for journaling since I was like 12.

I love myself for knowing when to turn back.

I love myself for my miraculous imagination that can carry me thousands of galaxies away if I want it to.

I love myself for doing this list today.


I hope this inspires you to make your own. ❤

Happy New Astro Year!


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What does not serve you.

Write it down. Burn it. Let it go. Make space.

What you desire.

Write it down. Keep it. Allow it.