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I like finding connections and exploring all aspects of life, I like making (“new”) sense of it all, I like how coffee changes the way you do things, I like yellow, Greece and Van Gogh.
Then I like stripes, because they remind me of the energy waves that move around us, upon us, through us and inside us.
I like the story told by a man’s face and I like knowing what shapes the path of thought, from our minds and our hearts, by our hands, on the canvas of the world, to build and to destroy, to write, love, play and tell.
I am another being, on another spiral, just like you, maybe like the ones on the stary skies of impressionism.
I am a transparent cube trying to retain the light and sometimes feeling like I could erase my own reflection from the shiny floor.
I go with the flow and share my findings, while at times influencing its course, other times starting a new one.
I am a black and white fractal of diffusions, “desideri” and needs, or I color myself tenderly overimposed onto your filter structure.
I leave a trace and although I can’t justify it all, you get me, because we are both from the same cloth.
I get stuck, or lost, or levitate in a dream.
I am a future object of your subjectivity, with carvings of impatience and greed, laughs, orange zest and movie streets.
I am probably late for some things and early for others.
I get speechless and grateful, I oversleep and start again.
Join me on my journey in a world of connection and wonder, while we inspire and question each other.

Versiunea în română: https://soulpatterns.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/ce-mi-place-si-cine-sunt/