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Some say there is a multitude of Universes; that we have a Multiverse. Each one is a possible reality, a possible you. The choices we make put us in one Universe or another. The world is a result of all those chosen individual Universes. As a race, we become more and more aware of what results we will get from our thoughts and actions. What you choose to do now will change who you were in the past and influence who you will be in the future, little by little. Every thought, every action, conscious or unconscious, will do just that. You ask yourself: ”how is it possible to change who you were?” It won’t change the actual events. I’m referring to the way you see the you from the past, the way you perceive your reasons and motifs for acting and doing things in a certain way. Recognizing behavioral patterns, admitting that you didn’t have as much information as needed is a liberating practice. Accept your choices and allow yourself to move on. Admit that you were only able to accumulate a certain kind and quantity of information. See yourself as natural consequence of that. It was a step on the path of your life, but it wasn’t your whole life. The past can’t define who you are anymore, unless you let it. Make peace with yourself now by making peace with your former self. Accept. Forgive. Let go. Powerful processes that you can do with your mind, that will build you up and bring you closure. Each time you shed light on why things went a certain way, adds up to a stronger you. See the past for what it is: the past. Use it to gain a broader perspective, let it empower you and this moment, not drain you and stop you from making a better choice.

Confidence, ah, the holy grail of our time! There is no real silver lining until you release all ghosts of the past self and refuse to let them steal the energy of the present you. Becoming empowered feeds on momentum, and springs from the Now. De-clutter the present moment and choose your Universe.

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