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Maybe you are familiar with the live in the now principle, something which inspired many conversations and many books to be written.
It’s also known that breathing exercises and practicing meditation are ways to bring us from the past, or the future, into the Now.
If you’re still wondering if the two really work, try them. In my experience, they do.
So, here’s how the concept makes sense for me:
Accepting the power of the present moment will give you mainly two things: true humbleness and immense power back to you. Which is how the Universe likes to rock and roll anyway.
Handle yourself first, then the others and the circumstances.
Your energy or lack of it always shapes the event itself.
The way temperature bends metal, the way water becomes a snowflake, learn to trust that your energetic field does shape the circumstances and outcomes.
Become aware. There’s nothing for you do but this moment. Don’t live like there’s no tomorrow, but do live like today matters, because it does.
Who you will become and remain, in life and afterlife, is up to you. Someone once said: “you don’t find out who you are, you create it.”
What it is that you really need to do today, in this hour, this place, in this moment? Become whoever you need to become.

Give in into your own reasons, the other ones are just remainders.

Versiunea în română: https://soulpatterns.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/momentul-de-fata/