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So great. You had most of the questions answered in your mind. But what do you do when the answer shifts? When it’s not the same the next day, with the next person? When the sense it made yesterday just isn’t there anymore?

What then?

When all else fails, descend in the heart.

Get out of your mind, close the door, take the key with you and descend into your center.

This is where you own your true self, this is where you see that hate is just the absence of love, and pain is a result of that. It’s a place where the notion of “alone” does not exist, you were never separated from the energy that created you.

It’s a place where numbers and words are weightless. It is the home of all knowing. When you rest here, all echos of resistance and turmoil subside.

A drop in this infinite lake will not produce any waves. There is no need for proof, you don’t have to do anything in order to be. Accept and release all. You are safe.

Versiunea în română: https://soulpatterns.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/autoportret-reflexiv/