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“If you don’t like where you are, change it; you are not a tree.”

Jim Rohn

As I was saying in a recent post, the map of our own life is inside us, and we, subconsciously or consciously, draw it ourselves as we go. The answers we seek are within, and the environment and others serve as reminders of that. If we manage to get rid of the negative programming and the ego reflexes, and if we reconnect with the energy source which created us, we can influence the direction of our path. There are very few situations in which this is impossible.

Even when we can’t change things, we can still change our reaction to them.

Unfortunately, we were taught to constantly prepare for the worst, forgetting that the purpose of this journey is to grow and enjoy the ride.

Eldon Taylor gives a very good example on how our beliefs influence our lives, from a study made in China, where many people believe that those born in a certain astrological sign, will die of a certain disease, which was what eventually happened.

What we affirm to ourselves daily, becomes true for us.

I don’t believe that we live and die, just so we can sit and do nothing in the meantime.

The road does make us. But that doesn’t mean we have no power over it whatsoever. We also, at least partially, if not equally, make IT. This manifestation plane would look very different, if we were meant to give up the role of co-creating our life and our path.

There is no such thing as our road, without us in it.

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