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the waves, water, soul

White On Black 5

Did you ever contemplate the landscape of the Earth without water?

Just mountains, plains and deep cavities?

No blue, no reflection, no wave? How would we learn about the soul and life?
Wouldn’t the Moon feel lonely?

the way the waves of all the earth’s waters hug the shores of continents and islands…
the oceans and the rivers feeding the dust with fluid energy,
the source of energy that we also carry within.
When you are completely submerged in water, in your bathtub at home, in a pool,
or under the sea waves on a summer vacation, you feel as though you are in the same time all by yourself, and deeply connected to all that is.
You are in your mother’s womb again, in your first moments of existence,
while also being inside the Universe’s womb, on a bridge between the Universe’s mystic realm of energies we do not fully comprehend yet, and this earth’s physical plane.
You get in, you acknowledge the feeling of it, then you submerge completely in it,
feeling your whole being all at once, because your skin is completely against …something.
If the temperature of your body, the air around you, and the water you get in to, would be in sync, you would barely sense the difference, the only contrast would be the subtle waves of pressure that results from two entities, with only a barrier of tissue and vibrations between them.
No other element, other than air, comes in contact with your body the way water does.
when you’re covered by it, you can hear the sounds inside your body, of the blood flow through your veins, the cavities and spaces resonating, through substance and air, as well as the inner sounds of the tub or the pool, lake or sea,
and maybe the sounds of the people on the shore.
Almost suspended, like a bird on a wind current, you are being lifted without wings.
There’s a mute dialog and pure closeness.
The volumes moving inside and on the surfaces of the liquid mass that holds you, the pulling and the pressure remind you, in an undeniable way, that you are moving at once with the water, the earth and the skies, that you are in a relation with them, a part of them, and them – a part of you.

You feel a mixed sensation of primeval need for air, fear of death and need for safety. Your brain will allow you a few seconds to stay in between like this, but it will eventually go against it.
Eventually, you reach out to the surface, and for a moment, you feel new, purified, as if reborn.

Somewhere between the rain and the ocean, frailty and destruction, it quenches our thirst and feeds our dreams.

There’s always an amount of blessings we forget to be grateful about.

Varianta în română: https://soulpatterns.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/intre-lumina-si-materie/