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We took wind and ran it through different spaces, at different speeds, so we can make sounds that we could resonate with, to remind ourselves that we are also made of things without color, or odor, or weight, but still, with significance and immense power.
We used our bodies as spaces from which sounds can spring out of and we made a global language that speaks without words, about our sorrow, joy, undertakings and victories.
We made wind into history, engraved it in our DNA.
…the building ups, the melting downs, the soothing.


In music we find colors that the eyes can’t see.
It’s just air, just echos.
Like laughter, like cry, like a conversation.
It resonates in our cells, it evokes memories, it triggers emotions.
It moves us, playing in our brains and dancing in our hearts.
We shift with it, like a boat is shifted by the waves underneath.
The rhythm, the presence and absence, the pause between the notes,
like the beatings inside that keep us alive, inhaling, exhaling, the going aways and the comebacks.

Isn’t music the thing that saves our soul, every time?

It always saves mine.

Varianta în română: https://soulpatterns.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/just-air-just-echos/