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Many may not understand this about me, but in my mind I always chose the most rewarding path. I chose to be, to understand, to take it all in as often as life allowed me to. I chose to live, not like it’s the last day of my life, but as if I would live forever. I chose to stand for what mattered to me, not because I have a problem with authority, but because I believe that the Universe shared that authority with all of us. I chose not to play by a rule which did not make sense to me. I chose to walk away from what did not reflect any part of me. I chose to grow. I chose to know. I chose to take my time, to breathe. I chose to be the moody line I was meant to be. I chose to stop. I chose to ask the question no one wanted to ask. I chose to remain misunderstood, rather than not at peace with myself. I chose to do my best, even if no one saw or gave a f… about it. I stood by the ugliness of my creation, whichever that was, even if there was no way to translate it into beautiful words. I chose to have patience. It didn’t always work, but I always tried. I chose to live my life by my choices, rather than accept a path that was pre-chosen for me, because I believe life is not worth living otherwise.

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I choose to permeate every moment.

I choose to make sense of it and remember.