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soulpatterns reflect

How the simple reflection of a light emitting object on an otherwise transparent surface can change the amount of light, thus definition and perception of the objects in that room. There are a lot of these in our own minds … But we are not aware of many of them yet.

We are constantly a sum of our past thoughts. At least that’s what classic physics say. Or we could be quantum, but haven’t yet developed a mechanism for being aware of that. Could we do something today because of something that happens in the future? Oh wait… All the time!

Past and future reflecting on the now. And you happening to be in the eye of the now. How can some people call this life boring, I have no idea.

Our subconscious mind eludes what we think we know.

How many times were our decisions based on what were only reflections of other concepts? Do we know and can we measure how many “glass walls” did a reflection of an energy wave, created by a thought crossed? Since every concept is a collective process to some degree, how can we tell we made a decision, or if it was made for us? Do we actually own any decision at all?

At least we do get to choose the amount of our former self gets to be carried on into our future self. Or do we?…

Sometimes we get the big answers by accident. I think the world around us is full of such accidents, if we look closely.