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random june

We get so caught up in the physical and the mind, we forget that there was and always will be something before them, something no physical or rational demonstration could equal it.

Life doesn’t wait for science to catch up with it.

We worry about all the apparent aspects, trying to trim the already manifested, because we’re taught that we should make a smooth transition between us and the things that we come in contrast with, and we get so good at it over the years, that we forget the contrast is meant to be there, to help us remember what we do want. And in the end nobody remembers how to do the real us… Then, of course, we have more stuff to worry about, getting lost in petty things that aren’t helping us or the ones around us, except maybe for future reference. But aren’t we saturated with the history of how life could go wrong?

Time wouldn’t be made of moments, unless we were meant to live in the moments. Not the bungee-jumping-living in the moment type, but the accepting-appreciating-and-allowing-it-to-expand-living in the moment type.

The protection we think we get by analyzing and preparing all the time is ultimately also a protection from expansion, which is how the Universe works, since the beginning of time, when the first cosmic breeze lifted a speckle of matter and antimatter into what was the predecessor of what we call reality. Until we understand that expansion, we will still face the thriving of unwanted things in our lives, through dis-eases of the body or dis-eases of the soul.

But then again, that is the path of our own evolution, and we are becoming more aware of it, bit by bit. Everything that exists in your life made you, even before you were a thought of future manifestation. What comes into your life is called by you and the ones you know, or by the ones that want to know you. Even death has a way of making your existence matter.

Don’t waste time. Don’t waste your moments. There is no reason to 🙂