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…we defined the Universe within the needs of limits, because we thought that we are limited.

…we needed the Universe to be as limited as we thought we were, so we built our future based on principles of separation and limits.

…we made it look how we needed it to look.

We no longer need for it to look a certain way, because we are starting to recognize ourselves as it.


City Sunset Light

There is a certain kind of power, and freedom at the same time, that comes from not trying to impose your will on life.

From not mistaking physical strength, or any other apparently finite structure’s existence for power.

From living in accordance with the laws of Flow.

From being in alignment with your Path.

From following the natural order of things.

From minding the Measure of things.

From knowing that the mind can’t solve the problems of the soul, on its own.

From understanding that everything, from light, to music, to your cells, is vibration, and that vibration is what brings and keeps things together, or sets them apart.

From understanding that pain arises from what we do not yet know or understand, and that awareness is the key to dissolve that pain.

From knowing you did not come out of nowhere and you are never by yourself.

From knowing that everyone else is another version of you, the same way you are a version of them.

You are the Universe experiencing itself, and so you hold as much power as the whole, as long as you deliberately align with it and vibrate at the frequency which makes new worlds possible, like the one you are in right now.