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xray thought

X-Ray Of Thought


I don’t agree with wars because I don’t believe in sacrificing the lives of innocent people, or the lives of those who carry these battles for others. I think it’s time we look at the words “casualties of wars” and realize they don’t suit us as humans anymore. I like to think that men who would give their life to defend something are too precious to be lost, and I think it’s time to stop teaching little boys it is brave to die.

Not that they could ever really be prepared for what war is really like. Not that they should be subject to a situation where they have to kill another human being, and return a changed man forever if they do.

Yes, there was a time when freedom was gained and kept like this. I repeat: was. That time’s time has come. Whatever interest you have in war, economical, strategical, political, justifying your own dark side, know now this: light is entering this realm too.

I think we are in 2014 and war is overrated.

I think wars are still going on feeding on the remains of grandeur of some egos of those who needed crisp discipline to maintain going forward and keep safe what good people built, and on the contracts that still need to be carried out by those who seek financial interests in affected areas, the gun dealers and companies who provide their construction materials, logistics, intelligence and transportation, and on the frail egos of those whose maturity will never really happen, not as long as they need a gun to validate themselves by anyway.

I think we are beyond that as a species. I think it’s time we realize we can go on without mass killing.

I think we could do without blood shedding.

I think we know that we don’t need violence to prove things that can be proven in other ways too.

I know the inertia caused by such a massive type of event seems unstoppable and seems to find self-reinforcing reasoning to keep going, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.


I think fire guns are a way of making sure you don’t have much time before deciding to take another being’s life. Because it is a decision. It might look like anything else, but in the end, ending another life is a stepping stone in your everything: life, thinking, character, future, etc. Everything you do from that moment on will be influenced and/or determined by that. It’s the type of decision that you look back at and see as a mistake. It’s a short term desensitized manner of dealing with a problem. Just pull a trigger, from a distance, like you would press any button, like clicking a computer mouse or tapping a screen… and the problem goes away, right? You hardly realize that at the other end of the interaction, you’ve chosen to end a life. A life you have no right to end. It might seem like you do, but you never really do. Ending a life is never really power, just like winning a war is never really winning, unless it never starts.

Just because it seems easier to deal with outside demons than with the ones on the inside…


Capital punishment has one small flaw: you can’t punish someone that killed someone by killing them back, simply because they die knowing that they were right in their thinking in the first place. You don’t teach that killing another is bad, by killing the ones who did it, it kinda defeats the purpose.


At least in my opinion.