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"As above, so below, as inwards, so outwards."


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Everything you experience in the outside world is a reflection of the inside world. All of the aspects of the Dark Shadows that are present in our experience are a reflection of the same presence within ourselves.

We have three options: we can keep mirroring it, we can shift the angle of reflection or shift our very physical coordinates in order to change what we reflect, or, the third option, we can cast a light in our inner world. The last one is the shortest way to getting an outer positive reflection.

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Casting a light is done by following the natural order of things, and it means going through three steps: stillness, awareness, and love.

In stillness we suspend the rationale and need for ceaseless action as ways of justifying our existence, remembering that everything is life and that we a part of it, and that effort does not equal worthiness.

Awareness is the deeper understanding of the above.

Love is the vibration at which everything makes perfect sense, even without words or quantification.

The more we remain fixated on the outer reflections and wait for them to change, in order for us to change our attitude towards them, the less allowing of joy into our hearts will be possible. But the more light we cast inside yourself, and the more we focus upon ways to love and make peace with all aspects of our being, then the more you allow for those aspects, that we naturally seek in life, to become a part of our outer reflection.

So how do you cast a light?

You just take inventory of the things that you:

do have


are able to do




and can do.


That’s it.