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Letting go is the best non-medicinal, non-actionable thing you can do to detox your liver from whatever stress, guilt, remorse, and every day background subliminal noise that’s piled up. Which never stops, especially the later in the night you get yourself in bed. The terms “detoxifying” and “cleansing” are already common in our daily lives, and they are the first step in any therapy or spiritual rehab camp for a reason.

So it’s only natural the vapors of this urban habit of our early 2000s be absorbed to resurface in the mainstream music spotlight products, be it overly infused with the commercial flavors of what showbiz feels like doing nowadays.

If you think there are other clips that fit this line up too, don’t keep it to yourself.

Without further ado, in order of message conveying clarity:


FROZEN – Let It Go


Sigma ft Paloma Faith – Changing


Passenger – Let Her Go


Foxes – Let Go for Tonight


Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger & Bethel Music – Letting Go