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So, Talenthouse gave me a heads up about this contest a while ago, and after life throwing at me way too many things for the past two weeks, I finally got a chance to work on this poster. Dishes still piling up, but sometimes in life you just have to go with the more important things.

It’s my second contest on Talenthouse this year, and I’m very excited, since this one is Mad Men related, which is my favorite TV show. We’re supposed to do a 60’s inspired music song poster, based on one song, from the Mad Men’s soundtrack. The irony of posting this after my last post, right?

The song I chose is “I’m A Man”, by The Spencer Davis Group.

I wasn’t sure what element to base my submission on, booze, women, cars or airplanes. Finally I went with women. Since I didn’t have much time (this was the last day for submitting it) I chose an old self portrait of my own, and made it as 60’s-ish as possible… I think the hair works well with the theme. That was the reason I took pictures that day in the first place. Never knew it will come in handy one day. Not that I’m not a bit narcissistic too.

Although binge drinking (and smoking) is the go to vice of the era, I still think the main ingredient that made this show so good was the way it captured human behavior, especially human interactions, how the characters tried to follow the social norms of that time, each time ending up completely disregarding them, while at the same time trying to find themselves.

I tried telling a story of two people, a moment in a romance, when maybe a bit of drama starts to unfold, usually from small reasons, but mostly because we don’t want the same things at the same time. We Draper fans know all about that type of love dynamic, don’t we?

Tried to follow the up beat of the song too though, with the lines and color scheme… Hope I’ve managed to design a somewhat working time machine, although being in America in the 60’s is familiar to me through the lenses of Mad Men only.

Hope you enjoy my submission, you can see the whole poster here.

Please, feel free to listen to the song and tell me what you think in the comments.

I'm a man detail 1_sp

I'm a man detail 2_sp