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life, interrupted, 1 s wpYou cry for the first 4 or 5 days, first thing in the morning, when you wake up. Then you cry for a few more, at the first sip of coffee… Then it starts to sink in deep, and crawls down through your cells, like a heavy liquid metal… the notion that it actually happened, and it will stay that way, and there’s nothing you can do for those who suffered or are still suffering… Then you cry spontaneously, for no apparent reason, in the middle of a crowd, or on a bus on your way home… because you are now much closer to that feeling of vulnerability than you ever been, and because that feeling of not being able to do something about it then will stay with you for a long time, probably for ever.

This might be early for some, or late, or right on time.

in no logic order whatsoever:

  1. Feed your soul with what comforts you, weather it’s images, nature, music or food;

2. remember you have the right to be safe, if anything looks too hard, don’t do it, if a conversation is unpleasant, leave the room;

3. stay away from harsh, vengeful, chaotic energy;

4. try to be near the water if possible, swim. Water is the principal element for healing, use it’s powers;

5. rest;

6. allow space for your feelings, whatever they might be now;

7. sit in silence for a while;

8. meditate;

9. pray;

10. comfort others if you have that possibility;

11. drink plenty of water and warm beverages (non alcoholic; “it” really does not help, it just looks like it does);

12. turn off any source of negative news;

13. talk to someone if you feel the need to;

14. turn off your phone when you need to;

15. use tapping techniques to allow any built up energy blocks to move and be released out of your body;

16. do yoga to re-balance your physical body and your energy body;

17. when you’re ready, go offer some form of help to those affected by the tragic events if you can;

18. eat lean;

19. allow yourself not to rush through your day;

20. cancel plans if you feel you’re not up for them;

21. whenever you feel overwhelmed, focus on your breath and try to breathe fully;

22. journal, write down everything that goes through your mind;

23. visualize a protective and healing energy field around yourself and the others;

24. remember it’s ok to ask for help;

25. replace guilt for being among the living with gratitude for all life;

26. don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t have it together in these times, it’s ok to forget, misplace, misspell, or misunderstand things. It’s ok not to have a plan;

27. use any of these: sage, chamomile, jasmine, tiliae, or any other plant you know helps you.