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Life is a dance. This dance is meant to remind us of the joy once again, before we can come back to our selves. What we perceive as good or bad is ultimately the journey that helps us become aware of our own power, and making, and the miracle of it. We are the circles and spirals of the expansion itself. There will be moments in which we will feel overwhelmed by this dance. And that is OK. We can always return home.


A few things that help:


1. Take a few deep breaths.

Breathing is the first exchange between the worlds we contain and the ones that contain us. It’s the way we make space for the new and the future, the way we are reminded of the constant transformation on all energetic levels.


2. Stretch.

We have the amazing ability of speaking through our bodies, of communicating our intention through our actions and paths we take.

Accumulating tension is inherent to life, so moving our bodies helps decompress and redistribute any tension build ups.


3. Remember you are never alone.

Remember the best way to sync with the Universe is to trust it.

What created us is also within ourselves. It never leaves us, it’s always waiting for us to remember it.


4. Make tea.

Water is magic. The power of plants is magnified when coupled with the magic of water and warmth, cleansing and helping the body to release any debris produced by the processes that follow the intake of various forms of energy around us every day.


5. Search for reasons to laugh.

Laughter is in some cultures a medicine in itself, as it reminds us of our true nature and purpose, which is not struggle, but joy.


6. Look at images of things you like.

The sooner you intentionally connect to the sources of positive energy and positive aspects of life, the quicker you’ll realize how lucky, blessed and loved you are.

Focusing on what calls to you on a deeper level will keep you grounded and centered. On that path you will always feel at home, even when you’ll find yourself in places you’ve never been before.


7. Listen to chill out music.

Music is the language of the soul that needs no words, only vibration. Meet yourself again in that space.


8. Write things down.

Mirroring your thoughts on paper or a similar outlet is a way of releasing build ups and bringing light into situations which the mind can’t find the purpose of yet. Writing is a form of taking action, and action is when your heart, your intuitive center and your mind, all go in one direction. That transmutes energy and builds the invisible structure for your future.


9. Create, paint, draw.

Communicating with mediums that speak even louder than words is one of the most powerful tools we have in this realm.

We become vessels for spirit to express itself and we tell stories that can convey the past, present and future, in one image.


10. Cook.

Cooking our own food is a way of self care, a signal to the body that we are present within and that we give ourselves the time and space for refueling and nurturing, both vital. It’s a magic ceremony in which we tune in with the elements of mother nature and her gifts. It’s sacred and hugely transformative.



Pick one.



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