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the white strand wp

I came across this quote in my Facebook feed:

Awakening is about cleaning our filters, so that we can actually see that which is real, that which is eternal, that which is forever. The presence of God, the presence of beauty, the presence of love.

Michael Bernard Beckwith


As I was reading it, I ran my fingers through my hair, it’s a reflex I have acquired, because I hate it when random loose hair strands hang from my hair, which probably happens more than it should, because I was dealing with a lot of stress until recently… lol. And I pulled out two hairs, one light brown, one transparent white.

No, this is not an age actualization post. I do not fear getting older. I might not like it, but fear is not associated with it in my mind. I know that health is attainable at an age, far greater than what we know today’s standards to be. It’s just a matter of coming in contact with the right information at the right time, and being able to apply it.

Speaking about time, what struck me was the timing of the word “eternal” and that white thread that’s an indicator of some processes in the body starting a different phase. And how color disappears, slowly from our being, forcing us to a new awareness, of what it is to be human. I just thought: at some point, I will be that elusive “eternal”, I will be it and there won’t be any “I” in it.