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There is a subtle field of assistance all around us, in every moment. We can tune to it, whenever we feel less clear on what the next step should be, or when the meaning, or purpose of some situations, elude us. These questions will guide you in the right direction anytime. Keep an open heart. Breathe. Be still and allow for the answers to come. Our riches do come from within. Have no doubt.

  1. Is this serving me?
  2. How do I want to feel?
  3. What do I want to feel?
  4. What is truly worthwhile for me?
  5. What are the core values I build my life around, every day?
  6. How would my perspective on life look like from a higher point of view?
  7. What if I would become my own best friend, starting today?
  8. What if I would stop being mad at myself, starting today?
  9. Am I owning the pace of my breathing, or did I give that away to someone or something else?

You can journal on these anytime you feel the need to. Meditate on them. Have a conversation with someone on them. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most and see if the answers stay the same every time, or if they change.

If they stay the same, then those are your beliefs, and your decision making system relies on them. Question how is that working in your favor and if you want that to continue on. If they change, it means your belief system is still in the process of becoming. Embrace transformation, it is your friend, that is how we rebuild and evolve.

Use these observations to know yourself better. There is no real friendship outside knowing. There are no time restrictions for it. Getting to know ourselves never stops.

All relationships start with acknowledging and attention. Give yourself time and space to have that internal dialogue. In a world so heavily reliant on outside communication, we must balance the amount of time spent outward with at least an equal amount spent inward. Happiness comes from that balance.

How you feel is paramount to the direction of your actions. Do not ignore or suppress your feelings. But do learn how to work with them, and use them to guide you to where you want to be. Breathing is sacred. They don’t teach us that in school. It’s the way we learn how to let go and allow, second to second, moment to moment. It’s a bridge. It’s a healing tool. It’s a reconnecting process and an interconnection reminder. We take it lightly. But we shouldn’t. Observe it. Let it tell you when to step away from a negative situation. Direct it throughout your body and let it bring healing, clarity and peace.

Go on a journey to your self. A journey to inner peace. Once you know it from the inside, you will bring it on the outside.