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This weekend is a very powerful one for all humanity.

It’s marked by an astrological alignment that happens on a 250 thousand years point.

We have Equinox energy + New Moon in Virgo energy + post Sun Eclipse resonance + 12 stars alignment energy (including the Sun and the Moon) + 12 lessons of the soul cycle completion (absorbing and integrating the 12 archetypes). Not to mention all the political parallels and great physical transformations of our planet, within the past few weeks…

It’s an unprecedented portal and you can harness its power.

We are being reborn, and as long as we are in congruence and alignment with the positive forces of the Universe, it will bestow powerful gifts. If we resist change, or align with the dense forces, it will drag us with them. Ask yourself: do I want and welcome change? or do I want more of the same?

Stay centered and focus on the positive, allow your vibration to rise and keep you at a constant flow and speed, so that you don’t break.

Trust that all is divine and that the divine never forgets you, you just have to embrace being a part of it, and therefore more powerful than you think, as we are all connected.

Breathe, rest, let go, allow yourself to be transformed by the vortex of these days and its ripples, in the weeks and months to come. Namaste.



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