Countdown to Summer, 1


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A few shots I took during my trip to Greece last year. Santorini is a truly amazing place, yet another piece of Greece that has become a part of my soul. This is a series of bi-weekly posts until the official begining of summer, on 15th of June. Enjoy!

Santorini, Greece, 2016 (Mesaria, Fira)

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countdown to summer 22

How Far A Wounded Man Can Go?


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Ever went where the wounds don’t hurt anymore? Then you know that each time you come back, they hurt even more. Never pretend you don’t have them. Because in fact, we all do. Before they heal, they have to be acknowledged and honored. Real healing comes from understanding how they came to be and how we are keeping them alive. Only then, what it takes for them to close will become clear. We never really go forward unless the lessons are complete. And they are never complete with our wounds still bleeding.

wounded 1wounded 2

wounded 3



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God is not up there, God is everywhere. It’s just that from above even we can see everything more clearly. It’s the point of view where we can start to see how everything makes sense. It’s from up there our perspective becomes less ego centered; from up there we forgive more easily and we see how we are all one, we see how we are more like each other than we thought at first… From up there we can see how love always finds a way, how love was what built everything over time. Everything we take for granted when we are not up there.

spring sunset 1spring sunset 2