I am a visual artist, living in Bucharest, Romania. I paint, do textile work and photography, I did graphic design for a few broadcasting companies in Bucharest over the years (you can check out some of my digital designs on my other blog, inspirationpatterns), and now I work as a retoucher.

I started my own small business, Theracreativa, which brings my art, and also my design services, to the world.

I like Colombian coffee, good food, movies, music, dancing, and I write about stuff.

I am passionate about the inner workings of our bodies and souls, and the dance we do inside the illusion of time and space, and beyond it; the way we evolve as humans, how we connect and interact, what we choose to perpetuate and what we choose to leave behind. I think each of us can find themselves in a tribe, and part of this blog’s purpose, besides being a creative outlet for my soul, and a playground for my organizing freak mind, is to be a coffee stop for like minded people. Or tea stop, which ever you prefer.

Feel free to stop by anytime. ❤


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love ”visual”…


  2. I nominated you for the versatile blog award, no pressure to follow through with it, just wanted to say I love your blog. 🙂 Here’s the post: http://allailencikova.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/the-versatile-blogger-award/


    • Hi Alla, thank you for the nomination, I am grateful, especially since all my posts come from love 🙂 . I’m not sure about finding 15 bloggers to nominate for this, my skedule is very hectic… But I could always tell you 7 things about myself, if you can be specific about what you would like to know.

      I’m glad you like this moody humble corner, you are always welcome here 🙂

      p.s.: you can always trust your abilities, you came here with them for a reason, to share them being the first. Not saying that you should, just that you can. Peace and love to you!


  3. A wonderfully inspiring blog, really well done.
    And thank you so much for dropping by mine

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  4. Hi! I’m dropping by to invite you to a guest blogging event we’re having over at The Seeker’s Dungeon, on the subject of From Darkness to Light. If you’re interested you can find the full details here: https://theseekersdungeon.com/from-darkness-to-light/ I’d love to have you.

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